Civil Rights Movement. CIVIL Rights Movement.

Dr. Glaud spoke to us week ago about several coordinating points that make up America’s history. One was America as a myth, the next was historical rupture, than the Civil War, than the Black Freedom Struggle, and finally the Barrack Obama era. In understanding the civil rights movement the fourth coordinate, Black Freedom struggle, was most important. It was then in which we expanded how we saw ourselves as a nation and the conception of citizenship will not be based on one’s whiteness. Glaud’s believes history in the United States has always had a tenuous position, a conception of America as a chosen (innocent). However, America has always been a country in which gratuitous unjust ways coincided. The Black Freedom Struggle came from the help of men and women like Martin Luther King, James Baldwin, Rosa Parks, and movements such as the Harlem Renaissnce. However, I believe it continues today.

The world we live in today is not a world of civil justice. We are both still separate and still not equal. Cities like Newark are with many poor people and impoverished by homeless black people. I use the word impoverished because black is looked at as the underdog, those who have to work extra hard to make something of their lives because of the stereotypes associated with their color. I do not believe the goals of the civil rights movement were achieved because we are nor equal or together.

But of course one must ask themselves what the goal of the civil rights movement was. Easy, to achieve civil rights for all people. Then what are civil rights? Rights and concerns of ordinary citizens. Would the Civil Rights movement be happy if this was all they hoped to achieve? Yes. However, with all the racist remarks heard in the world today, they would not and did not stop now. Thats why organizations like the NAACP still exist. There is still a job to do. In conclusion, although the world is not as equal or just as it could be, the Civil Rights movement did give all people civil rights but the job is not done there.


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