Great Grandfather, Great Icon

Nnana. That’s my great grandfathers name. Born and raised in Imo State Nigeria, my great grandfather was a prominent leader in his town. He was a certified medical doctor as well as a preacher in one of the biggest Churches in the state. My great grandfather gave birth to many, many children (7). One of them includes my grandfather, my mother’s father, Agustine. I am fascinated by the journey my family took to get to the United States but more fascinated by the legacy they left behind. My great grandfather was elected “Eze” which means  king in Igbo, one of many Nigerians languages. He was “eze” of the town, Ezuido. Everytime I go to Nigeria, my family and I are treated with the highest respect and we know it is because of what he has helped done. He has helped create a pathway for my mother to come to the United States of America. He was a great, wealthy, respectable man who gave back and died having a Church name pews after him, a school named after him for his leadership and a program named after him. He is a true leader and has been rewarded. In the very few times I’ve been to Nigeria, my family and I have been treated like kings. Especially me because I have his name and look a lot like him. Now, the reason why I was given his name is quite simple. Nnana Agustine Amakiri died on the day I was born (October 31st), and so did his son, Agustine Nnana Amakiri (October 31st, 1995). And, now, I live in honor of my great and grandfather, given the name, Nnana Agustine Amakiri because I was born on (October 31st, 1995). I feel honored to be born on the day both my ancestors died and I feel honored to carry both of their names and their legacies. People ask me sometimes, what kind of name is that? And I answer, it has far more meaning than you would think.


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